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Exclusive Promo Code. Get -3% OFF Any Mining Contract
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Exclusive Promo Code. Get -3% OFF Any Mining Contract

Great offer from Genesis Mining: any contract, any purchase!

Promo Code
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BTC VIP 2025 contract for $25 per 1TH/s, and 20% cashback as a bonus!

Best investment ever comes from CryptoUniverse! You may also save some extras with an exclusive and free 3% promo code - hurry up!

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Exclusive Promo Code. Get -3% OFF Any Mining Contract

Great offer from Genesis Mining: any contract, any purchase!

Kickstart Your Cryptocurrency Earnings with Cryptouniverse

Cryptocurrencies have long since stopped being an exclusive club for the tech-savvy. They have transformed from a technological marvel into a reasonable investment asset, even if they are still far from replacing traditional currencies. Cloud mining platforms, such as Cryptouniverse, made earning Bitcoins and Altcoins fast and straightforward. If you want to cash in on this investment trend, now is the time to join the mining operation.

What Makes Cloud Mining the Best Choice for Newcomers?

In the early days of the crypto mining, you would have to purchase an ASIC miner, study the intricacies of the process, and pay exorbitant electricity bills. In the end, you would get the coins. Still, you would hardly make enough of a profit to return the initial investment and make the operation worth your while.

Today, cloud mining platforms handle the hard work and let you chip in on the expenses to get your share of the profit. Numerous benefits of the cloud mining operation for recreational miners include:

  • Quick and straightforward setup process that does not require technical knowledge. All you need is an email account and a credit card.
  • Minimal upfront investments starting as low as $13. Your earnings will be proportionate to the hash rate you purchase, but you can start slow and increase the investment once you see the returns.
  • Automated daily payout delivered straight to your cryptocurrency wallet, bank, or PayPal account. You can watch the balance grow incrementally every day.
  • Flexible investment plans that allow for different cryptocurrencies and mining modes. You can purchase hash rate for one year or several or rent an ASIC miner and control its operation remotely.

How to Make Most of Online Mining with

Cryptouniverse io (not be confused with is one of the new players on the cloud mining market, and the most ambitious one. The company currently owns several mining centers in Karelia and is constructing nearly a dozen more sites in the heart of Siberia. Once all data centers are online, their cumulative capacity will exceed 80 MW. There are several option for you to join the cloud mining operation without breaking the bank.

Watch for Seasonal Deals and New Launches

You do not need a promo code when the company runs promotions every other month. Black Friday and Christmas deals are usually most generous, but you can also save up to 20% on hash rate if you are among the first lucky ones to set up an operation in the new data center. Considering the company plans to launch eleven mining sites in 2020, there will be plenty of opportunities to grab an early-bird deal.

Get Cashback for Renting ASIC Miners

Cryptouniverse offers eight contracts for serious long-term investors willing to rent ASIC miners of their own to maximize profit. The current plans are valid until January 1, 2015, and start at $140, though the majority of contracts will cost over $1,000. However, Cryptouniverse offers cashback for all ASIC contracts, ranging from 10% to 20%. If you chose this option, pay attention to the daily maintenance fee that will be automatically deducted from your earnings.

Use a Cryptouniverse Promo Code to Slash the Mining Plan Prices

If you are not ready to rent a miner and do not want to wait for seasonal deals, promo codes are your safe bet. Apply them at checkout before submitting payment and watch the total go down 20% or more.

Follow a few simple rules when choosing a promo code to secure the highest savings:

  • Pay attention to coupon details. Some codes are only applicable for BTC or LTC contracts; others have a minimum spending limit. You will not be able to use the code if your order does not meet its parameters.
  • Watch the valid dates closely. Many coupons expire after only a few days. You will not get the discount if you try to use an expired promo code.
  • Check for new codes regularly. Coupons are updated several times a week, as new offers appear, and old ones expire. Even if you miss a good deal, you might stumble upon an even better one in a few days.

Join the Referral Program for Additional Earnings

Cryptouniverse io offers a flexible affiliate system for all users. All you need is an account and a referral link to share through your website or social media accounts. The commission rates range from 8% to 10%, depending on the amount of money spent by your affiliates. Referral earnings will be added to your balance in BTC. You can either withdraw the money to your cryptocurrency wallet or invest it in the additional hash rate to increase your mining profit.

Choose your way of making a stable profit from cloud mining with Cryptouniverse and set up a contract today. Your BTC balance will go up within 24 hours.


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💬 Что предлагает своим клиентам Cryptouniverse?

Cryptouniverse is a relatively new player on the cloud mining market, but its ambitious growth strategy is attracting more cryptocurrency enthusiasts by the day. The company offers hash rate plans and long-term ASIC rent contracts for investors of all levels. Choose your BTC or LTC cloud mining contract and save using promo codes slashing up to 20% off the rates. You can also join the affiliate program to get 8% to 10% of your referrals’ expenses. Cashback is also an option, if you can afford a four-year-long ASIC rent contract.

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Все промокоды и купоны Cryptouniverse актуальны для June 2021 и провены нашими специалистами.

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Среди наших пользователей лучшие акционные предложения Cryptouniverse получили оценка 4,6.

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Лучшим предложением от Cryptouniverse является BTC VIP 2025 contract for $25 per 1TH/s, and 20% cashback as a bonus!. Стоит поторопиться, потому что оно активно до June 2021.

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