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How to Save with Etoro Coupon Code

Founded in 2007, Etoro is one of the world’s leading financial trading companies. This is what the company is good at! Open an account with them and you will be able to trade stocks, forex and several other financial instruments.

The company is registered both in the United Kingdom and Cyprus as a financial services company. The fact that it is registered in the UK means you can trade with confidence because someone (a regulatory agency) will always watch over them for you.

Etoro also has over seven million customers worldwide. This shows social proof. In other words, millions of people already trust them with their money, which means you can also trust them with yours.

The company now allows investment in Bitcoin. Check out the next section on what makes their services stand out!

Etoro Crypto Services

So now we have established that Etoro is popular and reliable. But should you use them as a Bitcoin trading platform? Remember, they are more known as a forex and stock trading platform.

The short answer is yes! However, you may want to weigh the following factors on your own to come to your own conclusion.

So basically Etoro allows you to trade Bitcoin. You can buy it or sell it whenever you want.

Nonetheless, this is not what makes Etoro unique as you could obviously do the same on a variety of other platforms.

What sets it apart is the fact that Etoro is built on a social trading network. Opening an account with them allows you to view and copy the trades of some of the most successful traders in the world.

Signing up with Etoro also provides you with access to tracking software that can help you make informed decisions.

You can either trade Bitcoin or Ethereum. Nothing else!

Despite the positives, there are a few caveats. For example, some of you might consider the trading fees of between 0.7 and 5% as too high. The fee of 25$ for every withdrawal is also considered high by many.

How to Save Big with eToro Coupon Code and Deals

  • Save with our Etoro promocode.

Like many other big companies, Etoro has several promotions meant to attract more customers. Check out our Etoro promocode for big discounts to help you cut your trading costs.

  • Earn with Etoro’s affiliate program

Unlike the Etoro promo code, this program does not offer you any Etoro discounts. Instead, it allows you to earn money by referring your friends, workmates and even family members to Etoro. Etoro will credit your account with money for every qualifying referral. It is as easy as that. You could plough back the money into your trades for more profit.

  • Save with code Etoro’s copying function.

As mentioned before, Etoro’s unique advantage is its social trading network. The company allows you to automatically copy what other successful traders are doing. This makes it relatively easy for you to cut losses and earn more on almost every trade.

  • Save with Etoro’s 100K practice account.

It is widely accepted that the best way to be good at something is to practice. Well, Etoro provides you with a demo account loaded with $100,000 for free. This practice account will help you save money by allowing you to practice how to trade right.

Trading right also means learning how not to lose money. This can help you save plenty of dough without needing any more Etoro codes.


Etoro is a leading financial services company specializing in forex trading, stock trading and now Bitcoin trading. They have a great website and multiple exciting features to help you earn big on the site. Check out our promocode Etoro for discounts during registration. To sign up, visit the company’s official website.


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Etoro is one of the world’s leading financial services company. It has branches all over Europe and specializes in stock and forex trading. Now it gives a possibility to its members to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its website is easy to navigate and it allows you to copy the actions of successful traders. To attract more customers, the company came up with a lucrative affiliate program and has multiple Etoro promo codes running throughout the year.

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Лучшим предложением от eToro является Try eToro Trading Academy with $100 000 of Virtual Money. Стоит поторопиться, потому что оно активно до July 2021.

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