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Exclusive Promo Code. Get -3% OFF Any Mining Contract
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Exclusive Promo Code. Get -3% OFF Any Mining Contract

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Genesis Mining

Exclusive Promo Code. Get -3% OFF Any Mining Contract

Great offer from Genesis Mining: any contract, any purchase!

What is Hashflare Cloud Mining

To put it simply, Hashflare Cloud Mining is a company which specializes in locating people with capital to pay cryptocurrency miners electricity to mine for either Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. People with hardware and unique equipment for solving tough algorithms (miners) rent out their rigs to people without this equipment for a fee. You (the investor) pay some capital upfront, and you get a guaranteed hashrate.

The investor is turning cash into hashing power (Hashing Power is the conversion of electricity into cryptocurrency by the computer solving algorithms to unlock the block which releases the cryptocurrency). So you might ask: Why don’t I just get my own rig and start mining coins myself? Which is a great question, but one which can be answered by the following points:

  1. You don’t need to drop tons of cash for expensive mining rigs.
  2. You don’t need to worry about electricity and upkeep costs
  3. Very simple to get set up and start mining.

This is the greatest reason to seriously think of buying a cloud mining contract: Nobody knows what the difficulty curves for mining will be like in the future. It could be that in a year the GPU cards could drop down to mining only a fraction of the hashes they currently can do now.

Awesome! How Can I Get Started

Here’s where Hashflare leads the cloud mining market. They’re the only reputable company (been around over 4 years) which still have contracts available for investors. Not only does Hashflare have contracts available, but they believe in cryptocurrency so much they’re willing to offer step discounts for new investors because they want cryptocurrency to become a lasting entity, which can only happen when average investors put in money — much like the stock market.

To get started grab a Hashflare promo code (more on this further down the article) and go to Hashflare.io where you’ll be able to find the login where you input information like name, email address, password, and a simple verification. Once you enter the dashboard you’ll find the following:

  • SHA-256;
  • Scrypt;

The above are all the different crypto mining you’ll can purchase from Hashflare. The first two — SHA-256 and Scrypt — are mining contracts which are allocated for Bitcoin and Litecoin mining. With the recent explosion in Bitcoin these are solid contracts to purchase as they give the investor a guaranteed hashrate with the most respected cryptocurrency. The next two — ETHASH and EQUIHASH — are mining contracts for Ethereum which is often quoted as the next Bitcoin in terms of projected growth.

Once you’ve picked your cryptocurrency you want to mine, click on the green shopping cart, and a drop down page will appear which allows you to select the amount of electricity you would like to purchase. For instance, with just $20 you can purchase 1 MH/s of electricity for mining Ethereum which can easily translate into $50 to $75 in payout after the contract has expired. You can also invest upwards of $15,000 which can offer you massive returns on your principle.

Hashflare Voucher Codes

You can save a lot of money by using Hashflare IO codes. Here are the following promotions currently going on which can be applied to any purchase.

  • 3% Off HashFlare Code for ALL Plans;
  • $2.20 SHA-256 Cloud Mining Contract;
  • $7.50 For 1 MH/s Scrypt Contract;
  • $3.2 Dash Mining Contract;
  • 10% Referral Commision;
  • $2 Dash Contract At 1 H/s;
  • 5% HashFlare Coupon Code for Scrypt Contract;
  • 10 GH/s For $2.20;
  • $2.20 For 100 KH/s Ethereum Contract.

5% off ALL Hashflare plans is the best deal being offered right now. You can save upwards of an extra 2-3 MH/s of power which can be reinvested into the contract for extra profits. By saving 5% on your contracts you could possibly transform the saved money into 50% return on investment. This means you’re basically getting free money to invest AND you get to keep the extra money you made, no questions asked.

The $2.20, $7.50, and $3.2 deals are nearly 40% off the original contract price offered by Hashflare. Just for reading this article you can try a cloud mining contract for yourself and see the return rates first hand. These are all introductory discounts so you can watch the process from inside without putting any real money on the table, but once you see the level of explosive growth you’ll experience angst to start investing more money into cryptocurrency. The real trick is to redeem HashFlare code above, and then purchase a contract with the 5% deal. This way you could be saving upwards of $100 on a $1000 investment, which means an additional 4 KH/s for Ethereum... Just imagine the level growth this can provide you portfolio.

The last, and most important to you, deal is the 10% referral commision for signing up a friend. Once you see firsthand what cloud mining can do, you’ll want to tell your friends about it. However, do you want to make a little extra money from helping a friend out? If you recommend Hashflare to anyone, and they sign up, you get 10% of their lifetime investment. This could mean serious extra cash if you tell enough people!

Take advantage of the offers allowed right now. Hashflare is the only reputable cloud mining company with contracts open right now, but they’re slowly being taken up every day. The more you wait, the greater your loss. Cryptocurrency is here to stay, why not come and play?


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Save Money With Hashflare Cloud Mining Discounts

Are you looking for an investment vehicle which can produce upwards of 50-100% return on investment on your principle? No this isn’t a Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme, and it’s completely legal. If you’re a high risk investor who is interested in cryptocurrency than it’s time to take a look at Hashflare Cloud Mining contracts which are helping new crypto investors finally get skin in the game. Continue reading if you would like to purchase Hashflare discount codes where you can start investing with as little as $50.

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