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xCoins Review, Promotional Codes and Best Deals

Founded in 2016 in Santa Monica, CA, xCoins is a fast-growing, peer-to-peer lending platform. It allows individuals like you and me to lend Bitcoin to each other. The lender gets the dollar value of their Bitcoin plus interest, while the borrower gets the Bitcoin they need within minutes.

The borrowed Bitcoin is often instantly deposited to your xCoins wallet, which is a completely functional Bitcoin wallet and can be used to complete Bitcoin transactions wherever they are accepted.

The ability to acquire Bitcoin instantly makes xCoins one of the fastest and most convenient Bitcoin service providers! That plus our xCoins promotional code will make your experience on the platform a pleasant one.

What Services Does the Company Provide?

xCoins is like a meeting place for Bitcoin borrowers and lenders.

As a lender, you need to set the interest amount you want making the lending more likely to be profitable to you.

As a borrower, you get to instantly acquire Bitcoin and use them whenever and wherever you want. And when you want to get back your money from the lender, you simply send them back the Bitcoin you borrowed and your money will be wired back to you.

It is essentially a win-win situation for both parties!

However, we need to note that some people claim that the loan fees (often in the region of 10 to 20%) are too high. Others claim that the company’s customer service is not exactly responsive. These are some of the things you have to consider when deciding whether or not to sign up.

xCoins Promotional Codes and Deals

So you are still interested in xCoins? If yes, here are the top four xCoins promo codes and deals to help you save money on the platform!

  • 10% off xCoins promotional code.

You can get a 10% discount off your first purchase using xCoins promo code. As a borrower, you will love this deal because you have a possibility to save money on your loan fees. You can use the money you save to borrow more Bitcoin.

  • Get Bitcoins within minutes.

Most Bitcoin exchanges will only send you your Bitcoin after several business days. However, with xCoins you get to acquire Bitcoin instantly. How can be this a deal? Simple, Bitcoin prices have been on an upward trajectory for the last 12 months. Acquiring Bitcoin faster means you can sell them for a nice little profit before the end of the day today or even tomorrow, should the price increase again!

  • Get your money back.

As a Bitcoin borrower, you will be happy to know that you can easily get your dollar money back from xCoins. This feature is in contrast to most other exchanges that make it near-impossible for you to do such a thing. This deal makes xCoins more reliable than most crypto exchanges out there.

  • Earn interest as a lender.

If you already have Bitcoin, then xCoins is perhaps the best place for you to use them. You can use the site to lend your Bitcoin to others. The most exciting part about lending on xCoins is that you get to set your own interest rates and terms. This is definitely a great way to get extra cash off your idle Bitcoin.

xCoins is a reliable lending platform for both individual lenders and borrowers. With it, you can get Bitcoin instantly as a borrower or earn interest off your idle Bitcoin as a lender! As a borrower, you will love the platform’s easy-to-use interface, instant Bitcoin availability and the option of getting your dollar money back. Let’s not forget the 10% discount xCoins promo code available right here on our site. You can access it by signing up on xCoins.


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📦 Сколько промокодов xCoins помогут сэкономить в период July 2021?

На сайте Ytro.ru представлено: 3 актуальных купонов. Из них: deals - 3.

💬 Что предлагает своим клиентам xCoins?

Founded in 2016, xCoins is a fast-rising Bitcoin service provider that allows people to lend Bitcoin to each other. The California-based company has a quick registration process, an easy-to-use website and a highly secure cloud-based lending platform. More importantly, borrowers on the site get Bitcoin almost instantly while lenders get profits in the form of loan fees. Bitcoin borrowers can also get a 10% discount on their loan fees using our xCoins promo code.

🔎 Насколько актуальны промокоды xCoins?

Все промокоды и купоны xCoins актуальны для July 2021 и провены нашими специалистами.

🛒 Почему стоит воспользоваться акционным предложением xCoins?

Среди наших пользователей лучшие акционные предложения xCoins получили оценка 4,3.

💎 Какое лучшее предожение от xCoins?

Лучшим предложением от xCoins является Unique Promo Code! 10% Discount for Your First Purchase. Стоит поторопиться, потому что оно активно до July 2021.

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